B&B Gas Piping Plus Services

B&B has a long history of assisting clients with project planning, feasibility and budgetary estimates. As part of this process the Company maintains a staff of project coordinators to assist customers every step of the way. We take pride in the fact that many key players in the oil and gas industry put their trust in B&B when planning a project.

Services At B&B Gas Piping Plus

B&B offers a complete range of pipeline services; from minimal assistance to ongoing maintenance programs and new construction. B&B is here for all your pipeline integrity needs.

  • Pipeline construction, repair, and maintenance
  • Plant maintenance
  • Poly and Steel Pipe up to 4 inch diameter
  • Vaporizer Sales and Service
  • Site inspection
  • Heater Sales and Service
  • Propane Tank Installation up to 90,000 gallons per container
  • Propane Plant Design and Installation
  • Threaded and Welded Pipe
  • Trenching
  • Snow Removal

B&B is one of the best piping construction companies in the country. The Company is fully equipped and qualified to complete natural gas and propane storage facilities.

The Company has over 50 years of combined experience in all types of piping applications. 

Our scope of capabilities includes:

  • Trenching and directional boring
  • Custom fabrication
  • Large diameter steel
  • Deep excavations
  • Cathodic protection

B&B stands ready to complete your project; including new construction, relocation, replacement of existing pipe, take-up of abandoned pipe, working in congested urban areas. B&B Gas Piping Plus will commit the resources necessary to make your project a success. Need A Contractor for a service not mentioned here? Ask us if we can do it!

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If you have questions about whether your piping is in need of repair or whether a new system could improve your current operations we can help.

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