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  • About B&B

    ABOUT B&B Gas Piping Plus

    B&B Gas Piping Plus is a leader committed to providing progressive pipeline construction and related services while assuring a safe and healthy work environment for our associates, clients, and the public. Our goal is to perform quality work that meets or exceeds our client's requirements and expectations, insuring an honest profit. We are committed to personal service, honesty, integrity, and quality. Our continuous improvement process will enhance efficiency and create an environment where professionals can develop innovative solutions for each project; fostering partnerships of shared goals with our clients that lead to the greatest value.

    Due to the increasing demands of energy production and consumption in agriculture,we are experiencing tremendous growth. Every year B&B expands to serve more industries.

    What began as a small family business serving a single customer has grown into a fully integrated gas piping construction company known for its vast equipment fleet, talented personnel, "can-do" spirit and commitment to safety.


    Piping Construction and a Whole Lot More; Your "One Contract" Contractor

  • Core Values & Beliefs

    Our Core Values & Beliefs

    B&B's mission is to be a team dedicated to identifying and fulfilling customers’ needs for quality gas piping construction and service.

    Guiding Principles

    People are our most important resource. We provide equal opportunity for everyone. We support our people through education, training, and respect for the individual. We believe in and reward hard work and high productivity.

    Safety is first and must never be compromised. We are committed to safety for all our people. We are dedicated to quality and continuous improvement. Quality is meeting or exceeding the expectations of our internal and external customers, On Time, The First Time, Every Time. The role of leadership in our quality process is to create a working environment that promotes teamwork, openness, trust, and continuous improvement.

    We Are Customer Focused.

    We are in business to serve our customers by finding out what they need, sharing their sense of urgency, and meeting their requirements. We are profit oriented, because profit is not just desirable, it is an absolute necessity. Profit is the reward paid to the company for service to society. Profitability assures the future of business for all stakeholders and employees.

    Honesty and integrity must be at the heart of all our dealings. Honesty is not only morally right, it is good business. In our dealings with customers, subcontractors, suppliers, and each other, we must treat everyone as we would like to be treated.

  • Green Mountain Grills Now Available

    Call Mike or Stop in the office for Details.


    Details coming to the Website soon.

  • Services

    Services At B&B Gas Piping Plus

    B&B offers a complete range of pipeline services; from minimal assistance to ongoing maintenance programs and new construction. B&B is here for all your pipeline integrity needs.

    • Pipeline construction, repair, and maintenance
    • Plant maintenance
    • Poly and Steel Pipe up to 4 inch diameter
    • Vaporizer Sales and Service
    • Site inspection
    • Heater Sales and Service
    • Propane Tank Installation up to 90,000 gallons per container
    • Propane Plant Design and Installation
    • Threaded and Welded Pipe
    • Trenching
    • Snow Removal

    B&B is one of the best piping construction companies in the country. The Company is fully equipped and qualified to complete natural gas and propane storage facilities.

    The Company has over 50 years of combined experience in all types of piping applications. 

    Our scope of capabilities includes:

    • Trenching and directional boring
    • Custom fabrication
    • Large diameter steel
    • Deep excavations
    • Cathodic protection

    B&B stands ready to complete your project; including new construction, relocation, replacement of existing pipe, take-up of abandoned pipe, working in congested urban areas. B&B Gas Piping Plus will commit the resources necessary to make your project a success. Need A Contractor for a service not mentioned here? Ask us if we can do it!